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After-sales Service Commitment

       Before using our products, Users should carefully read the product manual. If you meet any problem during using, please contact the distributor in your local area or call the Baoend hotline: 0755 -29791856 (Service Time: Monday to Saturday 8:30-18:00), or visit Baoend official website:

一、  After-sales service commitment: 7 days Replacement, One Year Warranty, Nationwide Quality Assurance, and Full Maintenance. 

二、 Service Details 

         Consumer should take the warranty card and purchasing bills to the local designated service center when products have a problem and can enjoy the following services: 

        7 days Replacement: within 7 days from the date of purchasing (according to the warranty card and purchasing bills date) and under right operation, if the product has quality problems, consumer can choose to replace a new one or free repaired. When the consumer requests for replacement, the new product should be the same model; if the same model is stopping for production, consumer have the right to have a new product which the performance should not be low than the original one. 

       One-year warranty: In one year from the date of purchasing and normal operation, if the product has a quality problem, consumer can enjoy the free maintenance service. 

       Nationwide Quality Assurance: Consumers can take the warranty card and purchasing bills to the nearest service center for after-sale service when your product have a problem, wherever you buy our product from any authorized retail store.  

      Full Maintenance: when consumers buy our products, Baoend have a customer service officer will offer tracking service, answer customers’ questions, solve customers’ problems and support all possible technologies. If customer can not solve the problems by yourself, please specify the cause of the malfunction and send back the problem product to our company. Baoend will responsible for solving the problem according to the terms of maintenance service 

       Other accessories like headphones, product enclosures, batteries, cables, manual, strap, packaging, and other attachments not under warranty accessories are not included in warranty. 


     Following situations can not enjoy the policy of “Warranty Services” 

* Exceeding the term of Warranty Services validity 

   * The problems caused by the consumer who did not use the product according to the product manual. 

   * Without a warranty card and purchase bill; 

   * Unauthorized to change the warranty card and the information on the warranty card for the different product. 

   * Other problems did not relate to the product design, technology, manufacturing, quality etc. 

   * Failures caused by force majeure or damage; 

   * Demolition activities did not operated by Baoend staff. 

   * In addition to the main components of the products listed in the service policy, the failures caused by accessories and other component of the product, or random operating system and software, they are not included in the “three promises”. 

三、Purchase Notes 

       When you buy our product, you should have to assist the vendors to fill out the complete information in the end of product manual and make sure vendors have affixed company seal. At the same time, you should ask vendor for valid purchasing bill, which have stamped the official seal of the vendor. 

      Purchase bill and Warranty card is the important documents of enjoying our service. Please make sure that you have taken them when you need a service. If you can not provide the valid warranty card and valid purchase bill, then the failures will be out of free service range. 

     You are in the process of returned purchase, if there is no valid purchase bill and valid warranty card, or the valid purchase bill and valid warranty card have changed without any permission and products have a significant injury scratches, damaged packaging, missing accessories, etc. then the Product can not be returned.
       In your daily use, or before receiving services in each time, please make a backup of important information, so as not to lose during the maintenance. Baoend is not responsible for data preservation and the resulting losses in any use or maintenance process. 

      All Baoend prodcuts’ repair service needs to be sent to service center, Baoend do not provide on-site service and not take responsibility for any costs during the sending.

      When you send the product for repairing, please make sure that you have left a phone number for convenient contact after the product repaired. Please pick up your product from the repaired point when you receive the notes in one week. Product did not picked up More than two months, Baoend and the authorized service provider will no longer have the responsibility for taking care of your product. (Except with the customer have a agreement with Baoend and the authorized service provider.)

     Your warranty time issued effective when the date of purchasing.
The product failure time is the date reachingBaoendServiceCenter.


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