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Android fans can not miss! Andrew robot speaker bag


       In December 3, Bubble network speaker channel reported Android system fire up completely inexplicable in the past two years , and used in mobile phones , tablet PCs , etc. a large program support to make it more interesting.
  If you are a super fan of Android , I believe that you would like these two products , this speaker not only has the shape of the robot Android , but also has equipped with high-quality internal MP3 decoder chip and high-power subwoofer loud speaker , can be used as mobile phones , MP3, computers and other speakers . In addition, you can separate insert TF card (up to8G) inside the music player, and also support FM radio.

     Turn on the switch, its neck will be colorful LED lights with the changes, you will find it does not have any buttons in body, all the control in its head, turn left is the previous song, turn right is the next song, turn and hold left is to increase the volume, turn right then is to decrease the volume, click on the head can pause, long press to switch to MP3 and FM.
    The Android bag is the recent new products of GeekCook with their cores, but we need a simple manual to make it complete, that in the outer large Andrew robot is whole host of features. The personality of this special package is particularly suit with Android.




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