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     Baoend Talents Construction Guiding ideology

      Baoend adhere to the talent strategy of “people-oriented” and establish a human capital management system of ” people- oriented”. Around the core of human capital, Baoend distribute the funds, projects, work-positions, goals, market and other enterprise resource.

        1、Integration of global resources , not sticking only to one pattern, learned for my own advantage.

        2、Widely Employing talents according to the international perspective, international mechanisms, international management.

        3、Business on international standards , Salary on market-based standards

        4、carry talents by great businesses; evaluate talents by their performances;

        5、choose best from the best and pick the right one for the right job

        6、treat talents with sincerity and motivate them in a long term; 

        7、help talents to grow and solidify them into a team; Reserve and develop talents, thus talents accumulate.

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